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Band News!

Welcome to another great year at Bonham Middle School. We are excited to have our students back and we are ready to make some music! Seventh and eighth grade band students may purchase the required blue book, Foundations for Superior Performance, at The Band Room, located in Belton across the street from Belton High School. Sutdents will use this book starting in 7th grade and continuing through senior year at high school. Sixth grade band students may get all required supplies for beginning band classes from The Band Room in Belton as well. Our goal is to begin making sounds the second week of school. If any student is interested in being in the Jazz Bands at Bonham, please contact Mrs. Batson or Mr. Waller for further information!

Band courses at Bonham Middle School include:

  • High Brass, 6th grade;
  • Low Brass, 6th grade;
  • Percussion, 6th grade;
  • Woodwind, 6th grade
  • Jazz Band, 7th & 8th grades;
  • 7th grade Band and
  • 8th grade Band.

Band members go through the basics of music through instrumental music instruction in sectional groups. Students refine their talents through whole group instruction and by performing a varied repertoire of music. Band students also have the opportunity to participate in Jazz Band along with Concert Band or Symphonic Band. In Jazz Band, students explore alternate styles of music with an emphasis on improvisation. Since all bands are performing groups with scheduled concerts, after school rehearsals and participation in contests are requirements.

The band directors at Bonham Middle School are: