Go! Fight! Win!

Story contributed by: Jennifer Peden 
The Bonham Middle School Cheerleaders and Mascot attended cheerleading camp this summer at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. The camp is hosted by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. The camp consisted of several high school teams from throughout Texas and even a few teams from out of state. Bonham Middle School was one of three middle schools attending this particular camp. The girls worked really hard all three days learning new cheers and dances. They learned proper stunting technique. The girls also participated in team building activities. The cheer squad won a spirit stick twice and our mascot did as well. The spirit stick is given to teams that demonstrate teamwork in classes – obeying rules, being on time, and participating count towards this as well. They received a Superior ribbon for their cheer evaluation and an Excellent ribbon for the Xtreme Routine (dance) evaluation. Our own Bailey the Bulldog received two Superior ribbons and one Excellent ribbon for her evaluations. On the last day, the squad performed a sideline chant, a cheer, and the Xtreme Routine in front of the entire camp! They did great, even though they were very nervous! The squad received an improvement trophy for their great work all week learning new material and working together as a team! The cheerleaders are excited to show you what they learned at camp and increase school spirit at Bonham Middle School!